About J.M. Lacey

 Because I love people, and I have a unique ability to understand human behavior, guiding teams in internal communications comes naturally for me. As a former journalist, I know how to ask the right questions to reach the heart of the issues. And more importantly, over the years, I’ve learned the art of developing meaningful rapport and trust with my clients, their employees, and people in general to earn their confidence.

I’ve taken my passion and experience for understanding human behavior and solid working relationships to help companies with employee engagement and fulfillment.

Creating value in communications is my top priority.

Each organization is unique. It has its own culture and people. It has its own vision and goals. A one-size-fits-all template model doesn’t work with internal communications.

What works in communications is empathy, kindness, compassion, and understanding. Establishing relationships by treating people as human beings, rather than with a particular group, strengthens trust and loyalty.

As a consultant specializing in communications audits, I collaborate with communications teams and their organizations to find the gaps and challenges in their communications and create a tailored strategy and plan to overcome the issues. I help the organization to fortify employee loyalty, build better engagement, and deepen understanding in the company’s culture.

I work with internal communicators, human resources directors, executives, leadership, managers and employees to strengthen the organization’s foundation – its people. When turnover is extensive, employees are not engaged, company culture is changing or needs reinforcement, or communications have not been measured in over a year, clients rely on my expertise to help them overcome their challenges.

Since I am a long-term team player, I put effort into learning about my clients’ businesses and the challenges they face. I look out for my clients and work closely with the organization and its people because all are important to me.

Leadership development to advance loyalty and trust.

I connect leaders with employees to strengthen loyalty and relationships.

I coach and train leaders, executives, and managers to understand their people and be empathetic leaders as they strive to be a positive example. Leaders who desire to establish themselves as a trusted advisor and thought leader, be a competent public speaker, and effectively communicate with their employees and teams, trust my guidance.

I have spent over a decade heavily immersed in internal communications. Working as an independent internal copywriter and editor for Georgia-Pacific Cellulose, I helped to create their internal newsletters. We started with one, and within a few years, I was producing 46 to 50 per year with six of their mills. Within that time, I trained employees and leaders on identifying and shaping editorial content, as well as finding great stories. I also produced reports on internal communications, among many other projects.

A healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

One of my passions is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most organizations desire their employees to be healthy for a number of reasons, including the contribution good health makes toward better productivity and happiness.

This is no different for me.

In between working with clients, I am enjoying sunshine-filled walks in the park, creating and cooking healthy meals in the kitchen, and following a ballet toning and stretching program for additional strength. My health-conscious attitude and thorough research helps me make better decisions, not just with diet and exercise, but with skincare and household products.

With all that said, organizations who want to make sure their health programs are clear and accessible to their employees can talk with me about reviewing their communications efforts. No company wants to leave out any employee when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and accessible employee health programs.