About Johnna Lacey

My passion for helping organizations who desire to build a better community compels me to action. Grant writing is about influencing hearts with compelling stories so that you can get the funding you need to make a big impact in your community.

Today, I help arts organizations build long-term, sustainable funding strategies.

I take your passion for your cause, your transformative stories, and your need to fund your invaluable programs to influence the right donors.

I help arts organizations build long-term, sustainable funding strategies

My background in journalism and communications has shaped my storytelling ability:

  • I have strong interview skills
  • I’m a powerful researcher and mystery solver
  • I can make another’s passion resonate with readers

My writing taps into peoples’ emotions and reaches their hearts. If I can make music ring from a page and move a stranger to tears with the written word, I can influence the right donors.

Influencing hearts with compelling stories.

Working in the nonprofit industry with a symphony orchestra, my years spent within and around the performing arts community, and my understanding of fundraising and donor relationship building, has molded my skills as a grant proposal writer, nonprofit grant strategic adviser and communications consultant.

  • I write to influence toward action
  • I help teams with impactful communications
  • I appeal to human emotions through emotional intelligence

When we work together, I’m more than a writer. I’m the creative, energetic supporter of your goals and mission.

Visit my LinkedIn page for a full bio. You can also download my one-page bio.

A passion for the arts. A passion for enrichment.

When I’m not working on grants, I take time to actually smell the roses in my garden. I spend quite a bit of time with dirt, pollinating bees, and my vibrant flowers.

I enjoy symphony concerts, the ballet, and the opera. I’m a trained soprano and also spent a few years’ training on the piano and in dance.

Hence, my passion for supporting the arts and garden associations. Music and dance were a positive outlet for me as a youth (and still is!), and arts associations continue to instill the value of music and arts education in youths. And gardening enriches our community, not to mention it’s amazing therapy. How can all that not be worthy of supporting?

I also do creative writing, macro photography, and enjoy reading classic literature.

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