About J.M. Lacey

I’ve been a professional writer for almost 20 years and I’m a serious editor. When people speak, the red pen in my head is moving. It’s a disease. But that means I deliver polished material to my clients, which should give you the confidence you will receive a well-written, quality product.

After several years of writing journalism-style articles and creative stories, I learned that my clients were drawn to my ability to help with their leadership and employee communications. I’ve taken my passion and experience for understanding human behavior and solid working relationships to help companies with employee engagement and fulfillment. Assisting companies with communications branding, and executing strategic and cultural initiatives, is a fulfilling journey for me.

As an internal communications consultant, I work with large corporations, often with multiple branches, to establish clear communication between employers, executives or leaders and their employees. Even in companies who have high retention rates and feel their internal communications is in a decent place, I will still analyze their current situation to discover ways to further enhance their methods. Together, we develop a strategy to use communication tools effectively to open a positive dialogue within the organization. That means I have to understand my client, including tone of voice, to execute each message on target. I work with internal communications directors, marketing and public relations professionals, business owners, executives, human resources directors, B2B and B2C campaign managers, and teams within large organizations.

The goal? To unify leadership teams and employees, build trust in the organization, clarify company culture, and work to effectively uphold company values.

I’m a long-term team player. I put effort into learning about my clients’ businesses and the challenges they face and I establish a solid relationship. I look out for my client and work closely with the organization and contact(s) because all are important to me. I’m focused on making your business profitable as well as building upon the trust you strive for among your employees and consumers.

What makes me different from your average copywriter?

Marketing As a marketing professional, I’m able to develop creative and effective communications material for corporations. I know how to find the weak areas and make them strong or eliminate them. I know how to find the target audience and speak to them. I see the end result and I understand the small steps to get there. I use available marketing techniques that work for you, but I’m not afraid to offer creative ideas. I also hate to waste money.

Journalist My background as a journalist means I’m constantly looking for the hidden story. The more I learn about my clients, the better I’m able to guide them to tell the right stories and help build confidence in their company. I’m an incredible interviewer – I know how to ask the right questions and I put people at ease. I check my facts. Then I check again.

Experience My background in working closely with executives and fellow workers in both the corporate and non-profit industries for many years has given me a good perspective on human behavior. Effective communication involves more than words. It’s about tone and persuasion.

I’m also very professional. I don’t miss deadlines; I’m detail-oriented; I respond to calls and emails; I take initiative and offer ideas; and I strive to be respectful at all times. And I’m not a diva. (see Values)