Give effective illustrations for your speech

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If you often (or maybe once in a decade) give speeches or conduct workshops, you might find it challenging to help the audience remember your main points.

How can you help others remember and relate to your theme? By the use of illustrations.

But to be effective in this, you must make sure your illustrations fit your theme, rather than simply telling a story you enjoy sharing. An illustration should be simple, fit your audience and be relevant to your point(s).

Before you prepare your next discussion or speech, download this Free cheat sheet – “Effective Illustrations” – to help you outline a successful illustration. The Illustrations cheat sheet offers 6 tips in using effective illustrations, as well as a separate page to draft your illustration.

If you would like further assistance in developing your company speech, contact me for a chat. It is free and confidential. Writing speeches, outlines and delivering presentations, as well as public speaking critiques, is something I’ve done for years and I love it!

More information can be found in the article: “How to effectively use illustrations and stories when communicating”