Brand Storytelling Done For You

When you need a partner to tell your unique story for you


Purpose: Outline the organization’s story, purpose, and vision. In the Done-for-You program, the company story is researched, outlined, and written for the organization. Helping you recognize your story and how to effectively use it to build better engagement and increase sales. Helping you know how to use your story for new programs, products, and services.

Value: A company’s story creates connections and helps build trust and loyalty with their customers, which ultimately results in sales. The story told over multiple platforms and mediums will extend your reach, tap into the emotions of your customers, and build better engagement.

Stories imbed lasting images in your audience. Your goal is to show them your story in a way that will move them to support you, see their problems solved, and desire to partner with you. You also tell a story that is easy to remember and share.

Who it’s for: Organizations and individuals that want to effectively communicate their purpose, empower their brand and build loyalty with their donors and customers. Both commercial (c) and nonprofit (np) organizations are serviced.

Further value: The organization’s story can be used to increase notoriety in the community and with consumers and funders. The story can be used in a variety of marketing tools (website, newsletter, annual reports, white papers), letters, and social media posts. The overall story can be used as needed in grant applications, delivering speeches, and media background information.

Time frame
2-4 months, starting with the 90-minute Strategic Blueprint Strategy Session, and ending with the final Zoom meeting for wrap-up.

Package cost

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