Youtube Series

Internal Comms Talk with host Johnna Lacey. A YouTube channel with the purpose of improving relationships between leaders and employees by bringing the human element back into internal communication. Focusing on achieving results to communicate better in the workplace. Improving relationships within the workplace, leadership development, helping people be more productive, and looking at the mental and physical health of workers are all examined to build a solid communication framework within the workplace environment.

Managing remote work

Managing remote workers and the work has become a new challenge for many organizations. With little time to prepare for the sudden change in the work environment, business, operations and employee processes altered. What can leaders and organizations do to manage the remote work with their remote workers? And why does micromanaging lead to burnout?

Virtual communications training

If your company is in the middle of or planning to reexamine your communication arc, transform your culture, or restructure your internal communication, I am working with companies and their leadership teams – virtually – to:
– facilitate communication strategy sessions
– lead communications workshops
– train leaders on managing productive remote teams
– train employees on best practices for working remotely

Leading by being visible

Leaders are the pillars of the organizations they represent. Employees look to them to lead them through challenging times. If leaders are not present, employees become lost without direction. To lead a thriving business and teams, leaders need to have a consistent, visible, physical presence to encourage and inspire others. How can they achieve this during challenging times?

Good leaders listen

To effectively lead teams, leaders need to display compassion and empathy. They also need to be forward thinkers. But none of this is possible without being a good listener. What does being a good listener entail? Why does listening contribute to good leadership?