Are you overwhelmed? Many of us are. And it seems as though the things that are supposed to make our lives and tasks simpler are more complicated.

Often, we seek an easier solution to whatever problem we face. Seeking the path of least resistance is a natural tendency. Perhaps we are told to participate in a training, a workshop, or buy a product or software, because these things will help us work better, stronger, faster. Sometimes they help. But typically, in the end, we are not any better than when we started. We may even be worse.

We have all been through a lot of changes over the last few years. Our current overwhelm could stem from miscommunication; changes necessary in our daily processes; or altered workplace environments, including working from home. Stress from the Coronavirus impact is still affecting us in a variety of ways, as this piece shows: Stress in the Workplace | USC MAPP Online

Whatever your reasons for overwhelm, and if you feel as though you are on the verge of burnout, I’ve been there.

That is another reason my business structure had to change.

Let me explain.


Simplifying the complicated

Scaling back became a necessity for J.M. Lacey Communications. Everything seemed overcomplicated because it was. Programs and tasks were daunting, everyone was an expert with an opinion of how things should be done, and guilt hovered over my head if I didn’t follow things in a certain order.

I took trainings and workshops, spent money I really did not have, and though I gained expertise, the results of these trainings were not as promised. I’d move onto the next item, bringing with me more stress and regret over my decisions.

As I battled the “noise” around me, especially people who did not know me or my business, making promises that ‘this training will be the only one I’ll ever need,’ I finally realized that it was wrong. I was copying what other successes were out there, without realizing that was not a fit for my success.

Tired, overworked, and completely tapped out, I reviewed what I was doing and asked: how can this be simplified?

Before I could answer that, I first needed to change my mindset.


Changing our mindset

This trend of stress and burnout showed me something different and innovative was needed. It started with simplifying what the world has complicated.

People who visited my website told me they could not figure out what I did because what I did was all over the place. That’s because I was all over the place. Until my mindset changed, nothing else would.

The hardest thing with changing our mindset is having to admit that the path we’ve been on must end. We have to find a better route to get us to our destination. But to know which route to take, we need to know our destination.

It’s scary because we have to be honest with ourselves. I had to realize that copying others, piggybacking on others’ processes and ways of doing things was no longer viable to help me reach my destination.

My destination then changed.

Just as I desired simple solutions and a calmer environment, I wanted the same for my clients.

My vision: to enable organizations to think compassionately about how their purpose can bring positive change in a meaningful way to others.

In harmony with my company vision, I realize that my clients need tailored solutions that are simple.

I took what was complicated and changed the dynamics.

Brand storytelling that authentically and ethically impacts the world doesn’t have to be complicated. But it does help to have a partner with you to help share your story.

To join the journey, visit J.M. Lacey Communications LLC on LinkedIn and “follow” the page to experience the continuing saga.

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

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