A few years ago when I was struggling with my health and weight issues, a friend gave me a book written by a renowned doctor in a specific field, on a particular dietary lifestyle (because everyone’s health is different, I don’t share or suggest medical advice). For me, what I read made logical sense. The doctor’s own personal struggles and what she’d experienced with her patients resonated with me. I saw myself in her story and I was—and still am—hooked on this lifestyle! It works for me and I’m a loyal fan of this doctor I’ve never personally met.

Successful businesses know that their stories are what catch people’s attention and resonate with them so much they become loyal buyers. Their consumers see themselves in that story and have a connection to that business, organization, or product. They are now hooked.

An organization’s adeptness at telling its unique story results in sales.

What about your story? How do you find your story in order to increase sales?

Find your inner story in 3 steps

Our business isn’t about our product. It’s about the heart. People react with emotion because a story touches their hearts. So, what is the heart of your organization?

When we are the business or work in it, it’s challenging to pull ourselves back and see what we want others to see. We can also overwhelm ourselves thinking we have to tell our autobiography, for which we have neither the time nor the understanding in how to do that.

First, you don’t need to write your autobiography. Not yet anyway. What you should do, however, is jot down why you started your business. No one has the same story you do because yours is personal.

Second, talk to others to learn why they buy from or support you, or want to read your books, or whatever business you are in. Ask them their “why” because their passions can fuel yours. It can solidify what you probably already know and the reason(s) you started in the first place.

Third, think about your fears that contributed to you starting your business or writing the book you did. What were the things you wanted to know that you couldn’t find elsewhere? What are the fears you are overcoming for your customers, and the objections you are heading off?

Questioning why you do what you do

Other questions you might consider as you shape your story are:

  • What makes my business different from my competitors? or
  • What kind of story do I need to distinguish me from other competitors?
  • What is my company’s purpose statement?
  • Why do I do what I do?

Think about your own journey and what got you to where you are today. Yes, you want to help people, but why? What people? How are you helping them?

Your story is less about your product and more about your journey. Tell it well and you will take people with you on your journey who will be your partners for the long haul.

Our organization’s story helps shape our brand and reputation. Think about your passion and why you started your business. Our business isn’t about the product, but about the heart and the journey. The story helps people see into our heart, bonding them with us. When people join our journey, they continue with us for as long as we are on that road.

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